Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Mother’s Day

I had a very sweet Mother's Day Week. On Wednesday, I went to Kindergarten Spa Day with Eli! A day of pampering for moms! I got my nails painted green, my hair fixed and combed, a massage, and a snack. The best part was the song Eli's class sang for us – so cute!

On Thursday, I got to have muffins with Caleb at his school (Mother's Day out).

On Friday, I spent the morning working at the Book Fair at Eli's school, with my trusty side kick – Owen. Love this boy! He has been lots of places with me and is always such a good boy. Isn't it cute how we match! Didn't even realize that until someone pointed it out to me.

Friday night, we went to Family Bingo Night at Eli's school and we won this! Such a fun blessing!

So Saturday, Lance kept the boys so that I could go shopping all afternoon!! After 9 months of pregnancy and 6 months of nursing, I was ready to shop for a few new things that fit!! It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed being out and about. We had dinner that night at an Italian restaurant.
On Sunday, we had lunch at my parents house and celebrated Mother's Day with them. It was a good week, celebrating with my precious boys & family. Thank you Lance, Eli, Caleb, and Owen. I am a very blessed mom!


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